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The Brief

Our client had a previously unused paddock to the rear of their property, which had been in a poor state for twelve years since the property was purchase. Overgrown and horrendously wet due to poor drainage the objective was to turn this unusable space into something their family could enjoy for years to come. The smaller garden to the rear of the house had also suffered from poor drainage and needed attention.

Both areas were rectified and joined together to create one large open usable space. The ground during project was so wet that we had to be very selective about our days when we could work practically. After the initial cleaner and earthworks, a break was taken due to a period of bad weather, and we returned to complete the project during a period of dry weather.

The last few photos really illustrate the difference the original conditions, compared with the end result. Our client was very happy with the outcome.

Scope of Works

  • Temporary access road created to allow site traffic access, without causing damage elsewhere on the property
  • Existing fencing between the garden and paddock removed to link paddock and garden
  • Earthworks of paddock, re profiling of levels to allow suitable fall for drainage
  • New fence panels installed within existing fence posts (saving the client considerable money by utilising existing posts, with some minor alterations to make this possible)
  • Land drainage installed across paddock
  • Land drainage installed across garden
  • Summer house base construction
  • Construction of two new patio areas, adjoining existing
  • Reinstatement of access road with decorative gravel and topsoil
  • Construction of temporary fencing across access road, planting of trees in front of the fence to allow the boundary to be restored when said trees grow back

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